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AVE22 MetaGallery would like to invite artists to our “GOLD” open call.

AVE22 MetaGallery would likes to invite artists to take part in our “GOLD” open call.


To a lot of people GOLD is a symbol of power that makes a person ruthless, selfish and ever-demanding. On the other hand, GOLD is a material that allows creating true masterpieces. 

GOLD can be used for a good purpose. 

GOLD can be used for a bad purpose.

It is just a tool… But is it? 


In our new open call we would like to invite you to think about the concept of GOLD and concepts related to it - such as money, power, charity, people transformation as they become rich or poor.


Let’s see what outcome we will find! 




September 13, 2023



September 15, 2023



September 30, 2023 – October 7, 2023



Artists have to be over 21 years old.

Any medium could be submitted to the open call.

If you wish to submit a 3D artwork for the exhibition, these have to be provided as 3D models; please contact us for details.

For 2D artworks please submit 2 artworks in .jpg or .png format, not more that 9 Mb per artwork. We reserve the right to exhibit 1 or 2 artworks that you have submitted.

For non-digital art please submit good quality photos - just as you would like to see them in the gallery.



Participation in the “GOLD” group exhibition at the AVE22 MetaGallery at 



Artists guarantee that they have created the submitted works and that they hold full and sole ownership for these works.

Artists retains the sole ownership and copyright for the images. 

After the end of the exhibition the AVE22 MetaGallery ensures that the works are no longer exhibited at the gallery address first mentioned above.



Entry is free.

In case your artwork is selected for the exhibition, a $25 participation fee is due to be payable against our invoice (the payment is arranged by PayPal but you can pay either with PayPal or with your card). You can pay the participation fee in cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH). 

If your artworks are selected for the exhibition but you haven’t paid the participation fee, your participation is cancelled and you will not participate in the exhibition. 

Submission fees are non-refundable.



  1. Please fill in and submit the form at The images should be in .jpeg or .png format, each image no larger than 5MB. Please name your artwork images in the format "Your Name_Artwork Title”. In case you have any issue in handing the form, would you please let us know at

  2. If your artwork is selected for the exhibition, we will send a request for a PayPal payment for $25 at your email.

  3. Pay the submission fee with PayPal or cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH).

If you have any question, please let us know at

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